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tv   Today  NBC  July 9, 2014 2:07am-3:01am EDT

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be ll iuleswh did e sa? excer. pp try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and taste better ck oere. than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm. amazing. ck le. t ofo yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. y e yoaupe enjoy the relief. areng".u t s > to tims h iof. ysemuy astbeaudanc. w . t ♪s we ov h >> you know what, they really uld be. >> we want to see them at broadway. >> it would a hit. if y a wondeng where it
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was some people we he was dancing at the wedding of justin's manager. remember the te that mt came up to us in the makeup room and said would you guys do something for me. matt never asks us to do anhing. wants to have dinner toght. he said bring o fun peop. we ended up going to dinner with tom hanks. it was a lot of n. vorite calerouple this is the be couplever. doou know who ey are? e mangalo. ppantlyating we are back with another "mad food chlenge" before you >> they ed to breed throw away the food you won't immediately. >>p wastg me and jt want to miss this. >> we are put to the test along maybe do le trip. >> sofia was dating that g, with two fans from the plaza on
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nick. team hoda from oklahoma is kristin priest here on family weid reach out tboth sides vacation. because you see ctures or hear >> on team kathie lee debora da. gossip and check iout. here is what joe's publicest >> here is our summer challenge. we want to he backyard barbecues. sa, they do not coent on his i am goi to give you a personal life. question and three different answers. after i have read it buzz in and give me the answer. if someone is wrong the other and sofia's team sainot one caanswer in. commenting this time. how long can youafely leave food outside on the picnic table >> that whappened. when it is 78 degrees outside? we think they are ng n't you thk? one, two or three hours. he only thing that would >> one hour. >> you are wrong. >> we got the right answer. have made us haper would be if are gng with two hours. george cloey had finally marrd sandra bulck. >> right? >> hoda, you are right. >> we can'do everything. two hours. cx we wand those two peopleo geth. >> ts is what makes us happy. ou at ton e.r let b, >> not bau they are so gorgus bau they are. >> a lot of gorgus people in the worl >> they are both so fun and so bothn the ow tm, we had them
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>> heris true oralse. only mayonnaise-based sala need to be kept chilled. true or false? >> theime we h hern th >> false. show rember what day it was. it was thwe wday t >> you are correct. keup and we asked all the eststh would mind gog no mp. oil and vinegar dressings, not she said no. come full makeusie i just mayonnaise. came out of thwo >> anydy do a killer what should you do with the left over marinade used in the meat? >> throw it away. >> throw it out. > coing tohisurvey >> we are just sitting here they say the numbeone tte mistas going -- >> you are asleep. >> we got another true or false. d maing duri it's a gd earaw chicken in the worsou inved somebody seasoning. >> who got that? >> false. >> you are right. come as your guest and there >> the bacteria is spread in the counter. your guest is eating theood and drking the wine and they are on theho thentire time better off grilling it where it would be killed. which of the foods should be avoided at your barbecue because like it's been fun. of a higher occurrence of bacter? >> heris another one that bugs pele.
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ople who don let you off t elevat beforth crowd a >> c. >> you are right. all yoare trying to do is get >> how did you know? >> i knew that because i lived off, make room for them whr in california. we loved raw sprouts. that is not the thing to do. a suayr the elevator, >> there can be lot of anything that is a close space >> they feel eitled to the bacteria in raw things. avoid. middle oit. >> move aside. >> it is 3-3. it is a tie. >> dyou get gry? u have a little road rage. >> we are ready. >> i btle it up and i stuff it what is the best way to marinate down like i do. a flank steak? in a plastic bag or plastic and then i release it later when container with its own lid. >> we have the answer. >> i don't do that. >> i go you're welcome. it is b, in a glass baking dish. th is good >> you would be wrong. >> just re them. >> we have to get this one. >> a or c? >>haisot mean but i wish people wou notthat. >> they don't see us there is good chance they also don't eat >> a. wi us. >> he is a great questio >> you would be right! >> most of the time they are >> what is the prize? doing this, too. >> sometimes they are. >> the prize because we are all winners for the birthday girl is so here is a question that the etiquette experts will answer for you. a meat thermometer. en you sit down at theinne >> wow. >> thank you, ladies.
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figure out and y aret a round table or big table have fun in new york. wonding which bread plate yours. are we talking about grown adults? >> they don't know. here is a summer challenge for you, keeping your hair from sticking to your neck, >> i didn't know until someone told me trick about a moh ago. effortless up dos. >> when you are siing here a first it is "today" on nbc. ♪ like do you want to eat my bread on thiplate or this plate? the best way to remember which side is your bread plate and which is your drink platis make okay symbols with both  you want to save money on car insurance? fiers b and d. no problem. the b is the bread a the is you want to save money on rv insurance? the drink. no problem. so you remember that is b you want to save money on motorcycle insurance? we have all been -- yes. no problem. you want to find a place to park all these things? that's it. fuggedaboud it. >>o you know whi side of the this is new york. knu ife yo hey little guy, wake up! >> bladen. aw, come off it mate! >> blade i geico. bee otherwise you might cut saving people money on more than just car insurance. someone. but lysor & ee canome often change the way you clean.h. so b and d. >> have heard of people coming over. isn't that a great trick? it cleans evenetter than bleach without the harshness.
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because somemes you forget. a powerful clean, that's family friendly - >> do you like it if somebody that's what we call healthing. goes that looks delicious and lysol power & free. start healthing. theytartoing that? he has been called energizing, >> i don't mind except for if they do it like that. then i mind. heir filthy electrifying and unaware of personal boundaries. and now he's here to explain one product that does two things. like that and eat it. beroccaaaaaaaaaaaaa! does that bother you much? flw... mental sharpness support... >> the not closing the mouth when they chew is grossing m fla-pow... physical energy support... hat anno you t most when ...together and only brock spedwell can explain it. you are eating at th restaurant? beroccaaaaaaaaaaaaa! beroccaaaaaaaaaaaaa! >> when e waer asks are yo still working on tt? and you go yeah, yeah. what happens five minutes later? back again. u still working? theyant you out of t tle >> the answer is no i'm not working. i left work to ce here so i can eat. i'm eating. when i'm not eating anymore i will be sittg he in front of the tel hasinallye care of ourry toe for a night..
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it. >> it's the tuover you can get a 4-star hotel for up to 60% off, that is how they make the money. >> i don't like when let's say i'm finished because i eat nen at the last minute.untir quickly and it is over. even at the last minute.untir her peoplere still eating. m..'s you can get a 4-star hotel for up to 60% off, i dot like when they take my plate because the other person feels compelled to rush and finish. here is the other thing you should not do if you want to li. the tour de france is asking o stop taking selfies. >> they are hanging out into th picture of themselves while the bikes are going by at really fast speed. >>he did what i do with the mouth open. at would be so bad. >> who thought that was a good idea? >> don't do it. some of the people, some of the riders like knocking the cameras down. watch. let's watch. okay. if you have long locks you know there is nothing more irritating on a hot summer day than when your hair sticks to
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the back of your neck. it's -- yeah. move out of thway. ok. wow. they have no barriers up. >> before you grab thaclip or none. competitors arcallinit a a scrunchy bobbie thomas has dangous miof vanity and easy styles to keep you cool. stupidity. one said pple don't understand >> we are going to jump in with my favorite that i do all the time. his is called the hot mess. how fast we go and how much of the road we use. th think i want to get a shot kathie you will see this looks of me with them in the like this pretty up do. background. >> another place we don't i am going to show you on me. suggest you do it either is the a lot of people ask how i get my running of the bulls. hair up. i pull it back into a pony and twist and ro, roll it again. unless it is a really nice bull d friend. >> every year they do this. here is the secret, hair clip i put underneath and let the mess they are running nine football fields. hide the clip. they are sprinting. four people got taketo the hospital with injuries and people are cheering. then you can get volume in the front by making it messy again. that is why this is called a hot >> people have been goured to death. mess. if you go to bed and wakeup with >> i mean, i guess i don't know. the clip it willrobably look >> i don't know. perfect. it looks like the run way volume.
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barbara is next. >> i know it is a cultural thing barbara has my favorite silver hair here. but it does seem to me likes -- this is something that we have seen a long time ago. born with a rare medical if youook towards kathie this reminds you of the topsy tail. disease and one of his legs it is actually a ponytail th needed to be amputated. we pulled through. you put it ithponytail and twist the sides. right foot and left leg. you just poke this throu. you think they thought the doctors saidhey didn't think the young child would survive. caden has a spirit about him taking it one step at a time. you can create this pony. if you wrap it again you can take a look at this video shared create a wle new loowith a bobby pin. more tha100,000 times. >> he just got a prosthetic. its super easy. >> i got it. you do? >> i got it. i got it. you are going to be so excited >> okay. >> i got it. because scrunchy 2.0. they are back. i got it. >> classics never go out of style. is showing a trend. i got it. i got it. i got it. i got it. i got it. this is actually pretty easy. you take a ribn, string, >> good job. faic. >> i got it. i got it. i got it.
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>> you got it? >> iot it. ponynd wrap the pony and then >> listen to him say that all day long. bless his heart. stick a pin in it.un you can see his mom is so worried but he is going. aren't you so happy we showed way ready do. you that? she has the $3 scrunchy. the modern ones have bunny ears. there are so many here now. >> i am 61 years old almost. so segue because i was going to sob a bit. why do i want bunny ears? >> we are doing something about >> because you are kathie lee in honor of baby boomers turning gifford. 50. the last of the baby boomers >> and then for all of theomen turning 50 this year. envying the teens with the brains. >> that is you. go ahead and try this. >> how did iake the baby boomer group? if i could have waited oneore it is just twist. year. >> you are a boomer. tracy, our gorgeous model you >> i'm like last year of the boomers. see in the frontou just twist >> this year. and tease and bobby pin. you are a boomer. that means it is almost over. it's really easy. anybody can do thi [ laughter ] we are going to team up with i'm not a pro but i figure it huff post 50. out. i did everyone's hair today the team to celebrate people who myself. >> awesome job. re-invented themselves like hoda. >> tomorrow we have a performance.
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>> we want them to belong to our 50 over 50 list. >> and house wife of new jersey retus to our show. we are looking for people who have done new and interesting things at 50. >> and turning trash into hit the connect button and tell treasure. us why it is excellent. >> teach you how to make a few bucks. >> we will see you tomorrow for >> i want to let everybody know i am hosting a facebook book one of hoda's favorite days of chat. >> how do you know how to do the week, wines day wednesday. that? bye everybody. i'm here to help. through this >> from 11:05 to 11:30 eastern time on my facebook page. >> love to talk to you guys. are you over 50 and getting ready for your second act? the best careers for baby boomers like hoda looking foa fresh start. and take control and be boss. find out what fifth harmonis doing after this. crispy grooves. what ya got there? oh, cheez-it grooves. 's a cheez-it, but it's light and crispy like a chip, kinda the best of both worlds. there's more than one world? no. it's just this world- they're among us disguised as humans?
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enjo♪ i. aheart backd releistr chviirt s arfirm t of togewe siwo og ha ake- no but int bad. ca a lot of y ge n'ntro >> seven out of ten girls have very low self-esteem. we partnered with and encourage teens to encourage and empower one another and write a unique skill or trait. >> did you ever feel like one of those girls? >> every single teenage girl goes through that moment where they don't know who they are and who they are supposed to be.
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i think there is a lot of pressure on who you are supposed to be. >> it is hard t to want to fit in. >> it is so much cooler when you stand out. >> so much cooler to stand out and be unique. >> be you. >> sin the judges of "the x factor" put you together do they stay in touch with you? >> they are very involved in the album and the process. we just got off of the "neon lights" tour. >> you seen the baby y? >> what baby? >> simon's girlfriend had a baby. >> yes. >> we twittered . >> here we go. what is the first na of the designer brand that ends with
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boss. >> hugo. >> in which month does national boss day fall? >> june. >> february. >> march. august. >> which show ends with the word boss? >> "cake boss". >> which famous rock star known for his nickname the boss. >> different generation. >> have you heard of bruce springsteen? >> no. >> he is a rapper. >> that is sad. >> have you heard of doris day? >> ladies, you will be performing on friday on the plaza.
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>> yes. >> how excitg. >> you guys are so much fun. >> the boss music video comes out today. you can sit for moremati infor on the i'm a bossampaign. startir the three booming careers for baby boomers right now. >>athie lee is not the only fox in the house today. fit these messages. >> that was nice, hoda. thank you. he has been called energizing, electrifying and unaware of personal boundaries. and now he's here to explain one product that does two things. beroccaaaaaaaaaaaaa! fla-pow... mental sharpness support... fla-pow... physical energy support... ...together and only brock spedwell can explain i beroccaaaaaaaaaaaaa! beroccaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
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it's time for "brain teaser tuesday" where we put your mind to a test with a riddle provided by the national geographic channel.
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>> if you are running a race and you pass the person second what place would you now be in? think about it. sounds so easy. >> we are going to tell you the answer right after your local news. ♪ ♪ sweet chariot, coming north to c carry me home ♪ ♪ sweet chariot, coming forth to carry me home ♪
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♪ >> children are dying everyday from hunger and sickness innocent children just like this one. these children are facing death right now. with with your support and just .50 cen a day, we can save them. please go online or call this number and join the us fund for unicef for only $15 a month. it's just .50 cents a day and you will deliver emergency medical re, vaccines, and life saving nutrition to the children who could die without it. it's just .50 cents a day but it will mean the difference between life and death for a child waiting for help right now.
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coming forth to carry me home. >> reach out to that child so that they never have to look into the face of death again. go online or pick up the phone now. >> if you are running a race and pass the person in second place what pla would you be in now? >> and we know the answer. >> look, you are in second and pa the person in second and now you arin second place. >> i was thinking first. >> you needed a visual. >> thank you for all of that. time to grab the kids because we have a couple of guys here who are abo to teach them a thing or two about animals. >> martin and chris are here.
2:30 am
>> it is called "wildcrats". they are having fun with swamp things. >> bears are swamp things, too. >> tell us about this guy. >> this is a black bear cub. he is only about six months old. all he wants to do is eat and play. right now is eating applesauce. >> did something happen to his mother or something like that? moms do not like to let their cubs out. >> they are taken care of by rehabilitation centers. mothers take really good care. >> if you see one of these stay away because the mother is somewhere and not happy. >> these guys are playful but anything to be afraid of? >> these are really big, strong animals. this guy will grow up to be 300 pounds. >> and they can flip over a 300 pound rock looking for bugs. their main creature power is that they are generalists. they are good at everything.
2:31 am
they are good swimmers, good climbers. they eat grapes, deer, nuts. >> what do we ha n >> by the way, he needs a little scrub. >> i'm sure you recognize this creature. this little guy loves almonds. >> he is not happy. >> we'll get somebody else. >> there we go. we have a possum. >> get another one. >> this is a baby possum. sum i rat. >> a lot of people are afraid of them. they are not rats. they are marsupials. >> that the an opossum. >> they are marsupials. >> they play dead. and the thing is they are not playing it.
2:32 am
they are not acting. it is a physiological response. when they are scared they freeze d fall over and their mouth is over and look dead. >> i will have to remember that. >> what does this guy eat? >> they eat mostly dead things like road kill and stuff like that. >> this eature wins the cute award for sure. >> what's this? >> 8 week old swift fox from the great plains. their creature power is superspeed. they are only e size of a house cat. >> you want to hold m? he is really cute like a little puppor kitten. >> hello, sweetheart. >>hen would you not want to be holding one? >> i think it would be hard to catch it when it is grown. they are so fast. >> they can go 35 miles per hour. >> those days are long gone.
2:33 am
>> good luck with that. thank you so much. >> good luck with the new show called "wildcrats" on pbs kids. here is something for us. clear advice for the 50 plus. >> i'm not there yet. >> how to set yourself apart from the 20 somethings. >> and the cool hair tricks that ar b.t. is with us. he haseen called energizing, electrifying and unaware of personal boundaries. and now he's here to explain one product that does two things. beroccaaaaaaaaaaaaa! fla-pow... mental sharpness support... fla-pow... physical energy support... ...together and only ock spedwell can explain it. beroccaaaaaaaaaaaaa! beroccaaaaaaaaaaaaa! ...together and only ock spedwell can explain it.
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ugh. heartburn. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm. amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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now to our series with more of us living longer a lot of americans are working way past typical retirement age. >> if you are over 50 -- >> not yet --
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>> and ready to get back in the game or want a career change we will let you know where the jobs are. >> president and ceo of lasalle network, a recruitment service. >> great to have you back. >> it is an issue. >> we are not giving up the fight when you hit 50. >> what jobs are out there for people 50 and over? >> i think there is a lot of operational and back end minist mean administrative assistant and receptionist jobs but like compliance. we are talking about the affoable care act. there is compliance openings. >> let's break it down. you say the areas where we can get jobs, health care, education and nonprofits. those are the three. what about health care? start there? >> health care is kind of the obvious choice. it is not cleaning out bed pans. >> there will always be at. >> absolutely.
2:38 am
when i am old hopefullsomebody will do that for me. there is a lot of work in hospitals whether accounting or marketing, human resources. they don't necessarily pay at the top end of the scale. >> why is somebody going to hire a 50 year old over a saucy 22 year old. >> the cute little saucy ones going work for a dot com. >> what about education? >> colleges and universities especially coming out of the recession and there are always people going back to school. in that case you need ad junct professors could helbuild up your portfolio. in these back office sides of the universities for for profit. >> that keeps you young being on the campuses. >> you don't want to be afraid of young people.
2:39 am
you want to embrace it. a lot of people as they get older are like these young bucks. >> they are re afraid of you. >> what about the nonprofits? >> i love it when people are going through whether a down sizing or by choice to make a career transition to get into nonprofits because it is rewarding and they think they can't afford good corporate talent. if you go out there d you are a little bit of a haircut to come work for this cause -- i never have to worry about a hair cut. yogo in there and take a step back financially and it is very rewarding. once you get in the swing of ite within the arena and you can get a job for more money >> you need to do something that is good with people. >> it doesn't hurt. if you are sitting in a cubicle and haven't lifted your head up in 20 years it is a probm.
2:40 am
it is self improvement. you have to take a class and learn hoto talk to peoe. >> what out people in jobs and you want a raise? i think a lot of people feel like they are grateful. is there a time or place oway to aor >> i think everybody has to ask, what is the return on investment and/or what expenses am i saving for my company. no matter what you are doing in that way you take that to your boss and say this is what i earn for the company and what i save for the company and what i cost. >> you are smart. >> i am coming back. >> thank you so much. hot hair styles to keep you cool. bobby thomas will show you how to sweep up your strands. >> if you are a n of summer barbecue surprising tips. >> we will play the fo challengafter this. mazing hingsh
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